Following the stress and excitement often associated with organising a wedding, most newlyweds can’t wait until they begin their honeymoon where they can enjoy each other’s company in romantic, secluded surroundings.

1Those seeking a getaway where they relax with each other on beautiful warm beaches with golden sands and clear blue seas will be spoilt for choice. Many spots that are perfect for honeymooning couples offer the best facilities specific to those who have just tied the knot.

Parts of the Caribbean such as Barbados, the Bahamas and St Lucia are among the most popular destinations for couples to visit. All of them give the chance to unwind on the miles of coastline, enjoy local entertainment and five star hotels that turn a good holiday into a perfect one.

The Caribbean is also a favourite cruise destination and a honeymoon cruise should be considered, especially at the higher end of the market. There are few types of holiday that will allow you to travel at the height of luxury throughout your journey but it is a major perk of going on a cruise. Cruises can cater for all types of holidaymakers and arrive at some fantastic destinations.

A little closer to home, you can’t get more romantic than the love capital of the world – Paris or even Venice. These old honeymoon favourites are still as well-liked as they have always been.

Wherever you decide to spend the first couple of weeks of married life, make sure you decide on the destination together to make sure you can do the things you both like. Make a note of what your dream holiday is and then check to see if your budget will stretch to accommodate.

Be realistic and do your research to make sure that you can have the best honeymoon that your money can pay for. And don’t forget that your honeymoon will probably be the most expensive holiday you will ever buy so spend well to make sure it’s as romantic and luxurious as it can be

If you don’t want to be overrun by toasters and if you don’t like the idea of a wedding list, you could ask your wedding guests to buy your honeymoon as a gift. There are a growing number of companies that can organise this by itemising every part of your honeymoon including air miles, champagne or limousine rides and your family and friends can choose which part of the honeymoon they want to contribute to.

To make sure your break isn’t ruined by crowded beaches and hotels, try to book somewhere with a smaller occupancy. Preferably, try a hotel that you can contact directly. Who knows? If you tell them it’s your honeymoon you might even be given special treatment.

Make your honeymoon an exceptional break away from everything. Remember to take plenty of photos of your romantic walks, candlelit meals and exciting adventures to preserve the memories forever and make your friends extremely jealous.

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