Comfort and confidence may be the key words for the bride, but the groom should also enjoy the same feelings when dressed up for his big day.

2Whether it’s less formal attire or the full morning suit, the groom should also feel good on his wedding day, and the only way to do so is by making an effort to find the perfect suit. The bride spends months before her wedding choosing the dress and having it fitted, this can also be applied to the groom. A bride can help her fiancé by shopping with him and giving her opinion on colours and styles, and together you can find a suit that looks and feels great.

The first thing to consider is a colour scheme, as this can make a wedding look good or bad. But if your bride has opted for a red dress this doesn’t mean you have to wear a red suit. Accentuate the colour in subtle hints such as through a pattern in a waistcoat or even a matching tie or cravat.

Next, look at your style options. For the less formal event you can choose a smart suit or for the more traditional wedding, the morning suit is a classic design that will always look good.

But it doesn’t just stop at the suit, all the extras such as shoes, corsages and cufflinks make all the difference, if you’re in it together you can’t go wrong.

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