With so much choice available, searching for the right dress is often much more tricky than anticipated

One of the most fun and important parts of wedding planning for the bride is choosing the dress. However, the chances are that she already has a rough idea of what she wants. As young girls, most women dream about their wedding day and in particular, how they will look, but when it comes to actually choosing the wedding dress the choice can be somewhat overwhelming.

New collections of wedding dresses come out with each fashion season so the choice is vast. However, most designers tend to stick to a range of traditional styles and shapes allowing you to choose a more updated version of your dream dress.

Most brides may have a preference over the cut of the dress whether it is a full princess-style skirt, a skirt and bodice combination, or even something a little more figure-hugging to accentuate the curves. It is advisable to try on a range of different styles as each dress looks completely different on the hanger, you could be surprised to find that you look fantastic in a style you never considered.

When it comes to colours, times have certainly moved on from the traditional white dress. Although still a very popular choice, brides are now exploring the realms of adding colour to their look. Hints of red and pink add a romantic touch to a wedding dress, and gold and ivory dresses work as a beautiful alternative.

When choosing the dress be sure to leave yourself plenty of time for looking, deciding and having the dress fitted. However lengthy the process may be, the satisfaction of knowing you look gorgeous is worth every second.

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