The centre of attention and all eyes are on you; understandably you will want to look your best on your wedding day.

1Applying makeup, doing your hair and ensuring that you are looking your best sounds like the arrangements for a big night out, but when it comes to the special day it is much more than a couple of hours preparation. Time seems to go much faster and so if left to the last minute, a brides beauty regime could give less than perfect results. Practise certainly does make perfect so make sure to be well prepared before the big day arrives.One area that brides endeavour to perfect before the wedding is their figure with many embarking on diets and exercise regimes. However, with everything else that needs to be planned and finalised many find that they have left it to the last minute. If you are serious about losing weight or toning up for the wedding, get yourself into a routine with a trainer who can encourage you to stick to it.When it comes to makeup, a clean and well conditioned base is the best to work on. Establish a good skincare routine months before the wedding to allow your skin to repair. Cleanse tone and moisturise everyday to give your skin a healthy glow. From here, makeup application will appear much more natural. While many will be tempted to apply their own bridal makeup after a confident practise run, on the day nerves may get the better of you and you could end up struggling and making a huge mess. Professional help on the day is always a good idea as they can ensure flawless coverage and help you to relax.Bridal hair styles are a tricky task to tackle alone and as nice as it may be to have a friend do your hair for free, the fact is that the products and technique they use may not allow your style to hold and last through the day. Most hair salons have a professional team that are experts in formal hair styles; they can also help you to choose what looks best with your dress. Make sure you take a picture or swatch sample of your dress to the practise trial and you can run through a few styles and decide on what suits the dress.In addition, many brides are now looking at the cosmetic options that will ensure perfection on their wedding day whether it’s through dentistry or non-surgical procedures. To give you a confidence boost on the wedding day and beyond, why not invest in a smile makeover. Not only will this give your wedding photos an extra sparkle but it’s a simple and affordable way to achieve a beaming smile. Non surgical skin procedures such as dermal fillers and micro dermabrasion also help to smooth out wrinkles and give a youthful complexion; a great option for brides who may have spent the weeks running up to the wedding looking tired and stressed.

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